From the beginning, Anastacia had an innate attraction to the scale, tools, and processes of jewelry making. It was love at first sight. The materials and tools were a perfect fit with her aesthetic and sensibilities.
The jewelry is technically playful and visually elegant. Each piece adds a touch of personality to any jewelry collection. The fine design compliments any outfit from denim to silk, or for those occasions when you feel like radiating the artist within.
Anastacia gravitates towards designs that are sympathetic to the body. Lightweight, so they are comfortable. Expressive, so the handmade qualities are apparent. Tool marks are reminders of the wonderful processes that breathed life into the material.
She makes each piece, individually, by hand. Her technical vocabulary includes, and is not limited to, hammer embossed textures, hand cut shapes, custom surfaces to maximize the design effect, crocheted fine silver...a breadth of hand processes go into each piece. Sensitivity to detail, integrity, and design are her guiding influences.

Exhibitons (partial listing):
-S.O.F.A. Chicago. Represented by Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
2006-S.O.F.A New York City. Represented by Mobilia Gallery Cambridge Massachusetts.
(Additional exhibtion information coming soon)

Crocheted Wire Jewelry by Arline Fisch. Publisher: Lark Books 2006
Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight. Publisher: Hand Books Press 1997
Ornament Magazine-.Exhibition Review
American Craft Magazine-Portfolio Section

B.F.A. 1981 with distinction-California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) Oakland, California. Faculty: Byron Wilson, Marty Streich, and Florence Resnikoff.

M.A. 1985- San Diego State University, San Diego, California.
Faculty: Arline Fisch, Helen Shirk, and Billie Jean Theide.

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